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Angus arrived in Calgary, moving on from his trip to the Lebanon,  in the spring of 1971,  and was described as Scotland's wildest son by Bob Leonard in The Wrestler magazine. His raucous style was a contrast to the Brits familiar to the fans at the time, Billy Robinson and Les Thornton. Angus gained a reputation for his use of the piledriver, or "terror tactic" as the Canadians dubbed it.


Angus and Thornton may have had a shared nationality but promoters cashed in on their  very different styles of wrestling.

The two of them feuded following Thornton's interference in Angus' match against Dory Funk Jr.  The feud reached a climax on 14th August, 1971,  when Thornton defended and lost his North American heavyweight championship belt to Angus.Angus held the belt for two months before dropping it to John Quinn in November.






A feud with John Quinn was another feature of Angus' 1971 visit. Quinn almost took the North American title from Angus on their first meeting, Angus saving his belt only by getting himself deliberately disqualified.

The return was a different matter with Quinn victorious and new champion. On 6th November Angus reversed the decision and took the championship once again. 



In 1972 Angus worked in Kansas, alongside his good friend, Earl Black, who he had wrestled with in Canada the previous year.

Angus teamed up with his manager, Percival A. Friend, who was a former wrestler. Angus feuded with Danny Little Bear, the Central States Heavyweight Champion. Little Bear lost the title to Angus who, following the match, needed a police escort to rescue him from the raging mob. In the return contest Percival A Friend was attacked by fans and suffered a broken nose.

Little Bear and The Stomper were defeated by Angus and Roger Kirby to win the North American Tag Team Title on 29th June, 1972. In his website Percival A Friend tells the dramatic story of the night Angus and Kirby lost the belt, with Friend accidentally knocking out Angus.



Angus worked in North America again in 1973 and 1974, seen here with many other names familiar to his British fans.

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