Wild Angus Campbell

A Tribute To One of the Great 20th Century Professional Wrestlers

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Pecival Remembers Angus


Revelations, but only the kindest of words, came from  Angus’ manager

Percival A. Friend.


Who would have imagined that the heavyweight firebrand was a fan of country and western music? Or that he would spend his spare time playing a guitar, or sitting on the riverbank for hours whilst fishing?


Percival described Angus as much more than a colleague, rather a dear friend that is greatly missed. Despite travelling literally thousands of miles a week during their four years together Percival told Wrestling Heritage  that hardly an unkind word was spoken between the two of them, though his  sense of fun and trickery could have caused a few problems if Angus had been less good natured.


Percival and Angus travelled side by side along the roads of America for four years. Such was their schedule that when Percival bought a new Cadillac in 1972 the car’s 12,000 mile warranty lasted only twelve days.


“I did most of the driving,”  said Percival, “whilst Angus either slept or sang his favourite song, John Denver’s “Country Road Take Me Home.” For Percival these were clearly happy days, “The wonderful memories of this great man Angus are etched in my mind eternally.”


Despite the rough and tumble world of professional wrestling Angus was always protective of Percival and made sure that he came to no harm from other wrestlers or fans.


The wonderful memories of this great man Angus are etched in my mind eternally. The friendship he gave me was one of a kind and I miss him dearly. I am forever blessed that there are people that want to keep his name and story alive. Bless each and every one of you.


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