Wild Angus Campbell

A Tribute To One of the Great 20th Century Professional Wrestlers

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Earl B Remembers Angus

Earl Black Remembers Angus

I met Angus  in 1971 when I moved to Stu Harts Calgary territory from Vancouver. We stopped in a hotel for a week or so, Then Angus found an apartment on 17th Avenue in Calgary so we took that together.

He was a deeply religious man, something few people knew, and he had a strong sense of right and wrong. Angus had been trained for the priesthood for a time in Ireland, where he was born, but never spoke of it to others.

We had profound theological and philosophical discussions, but only when no one was around. He had amazing strength, although he never used weights or any other means to increase it. He had five older brothers just as big and strong, some of them bigger than he was! Angus would often take other wrestlers aside and help them improve their technique, or give then advice on problems.

He helped a lot of peoples careers. He was also psychic, another thing he kept to himself. We were together in Kansas City when Pat O Connor and Bob Geigel were running the territory. Neither of us had a car at the time, so Pat O Connor asked Chatti Yokuchi to take us to St Joseph, Missouri, for a match, as Chatti and his partner Yasu Fuji were wrestling there too.

Angus, as usual, slept most of the afternoon, but woke up an hour before Chatti was due to collect us. As he awoke, he said to me; "Chatti is not coming to pick us up, he wants to do the main event and is jealous because we have knocked him and his partner off the top spot." "We are going to cross a river and some railway lines in a white car, belonging to a woman, and get there in time for our match. Chatti will claim that he came to pick us up on time, but we were not there." I thought he had just had a bad dream, but by 8:30, Chatti still was not there.

We went to the hotel lobby and enquired about buses or trains to St Joseph. A blonde woman we had never seen before, walked up and gave Angus the keys to her car. It was a white compact. We asked her if she was a wrestling fan, did she want to come to the match. She said no, she just wanted to help us. Angus drove, I was never happy driving on the wrong side of the road, especially at traffic lights.

As we were new to the area, we got lost. Imagine my feelings, and the chill I felt, as we turned a corner where the road ahead crossed a small river and then some railway lines. We did get to the match on time. When Angus confronted Chatti, the excuse was word for word what Angus said it would be.

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